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Experts from varied sectors have underscored the significance of energy resources in both immediate and long-term disaster recovery. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a leader in energy research, has been at the forefront of supporting communities in rebuilding and recovery of energy systems post-disasters. Their extensive work reveals that investing in effective, affordable, and equitable resilience through the right tools can significantly bolster a community's preparedness for future adversities.
The LAD FRAMEWORK FOR INCLUSIVE DISASTER RECOVERY has been thoughtfully designed with a clear objective. To bring together the needs of grassroots initiatives and the essential requirements of large scale rebuilding projects, thus ensuring that every segment of the community is effectively supported during the recovery phase.
Ethics is not just about what we do when the world is watching, but what we stand for when no one's looking. At the Life After Disaster Initiative (LAD), our core values have been at the center of our mission since the beginning, even though it took us six months to officially document them as guidelines.