Ethical Guidelines

LAD's ethical guidelines act as a guiding beacon, directing our choices and actions to foster a fair, inclusive, and open environment. Built on our fundamental principles, these guidelines ensure that every interaction and endeavor we undertake reflects integrity, respect, and a dedication to the common welfare.
Integrity in Actions
Every action taken, whether big or small, should reflect honesty and sincerity. Avoid shortcuts, and always strive for genuine solutions, even if they require more effort.

Open Communication

Foster an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, and feedback. Regular team meetings and open-door policies can facilitate this.
No Political Affiliations
Maintain neutrality and avoid aligning with any political group or agenda. Decisions should be made based on the framework's principles and the community's needs, not external pressures.

Respect and Equality

Treat every team member, partner, and community with respect, regardless of their background, role, or beliefs. Discrimination or bias of any form is unacceptable.
Stand Against Racism & Women's and Children's Rights Protection
Take a clear stance against racism, discrimination, and prejudice. Specifically emphasize the rights of women and children, supporting the creation of an environment where they are safe, respected, and have equal opportunities.

Continuous Professional Development

Encourage team members to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. This not only benefits the individual but also enhances the quality of work produced by the team.
Protect the sensitive information of communities, partners, and team members. Ensure that data is stored securely and only shared with authorized individuals.

Collaborative Decision Making

Decisions, especially major ones, should be made collaboratively, taking into account the perspectives and insights of various team members.
Accountability and Responsibility
Own up to mistakes and oversights. Instead of placing blame, focus on finding solutions and ensuring that the same errors are not repeated in the future.

Sustainable Practices

In day-to-day operations, prioritize sustainability. This could mean reducing paper usage, recycling, or using energy-efficient appliances in the office.
Community Feedback
Regularly seek feedback from the communities you serve. Their insights are invaluable in ensuring that the framework remains relevant and effective.
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